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Brad Cunningham

General Manager - Victoria

Nick Hardcastle

Client Engagement Director

About Brad

Performance Engineering
Test Management & Governance
Test Automation
Non-Functional Testing

I have over 20 years IT consulting and project delivery experience assisting organisations to successfully implement large, complex, mission-critical systems. My core skills include Technical Testing (performance, automation, resilience, security, observability), Product Owner/Manager and Test Management/Leadership. I have successfully delivered projects across many sectors of the Victorian, Australian and ASIA Pacific business landscape. This has included Financial Services Industry, Utilities, Telecommunications, Retail, and Government sectors, where I have regularly held positions of client-trusted representative and advisor.

In my spare time, I’m at field hockey in winter, and in the surf once summer hits. I commenced my working life as physiotherapist, where I was employed for eight years in the Health Industry. To many, this appears be a long way from the world of IT Software Delivery that I have since specialised in for over two decades. As part of my first steps to move to IT, I did add a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Development to my credentials. However, the fundamental skills I acquired as physiotherapist in Statistics, Scientific Methodology, System Design, Communications, Strategic Planning and Differential Diagnosis, underpin many of the mechanisms I use each day now, whilst working with complex IT systems and the needs of their business owners and stakeholders.Modern IT delivery approaches and tools provide ways to build software faster, with increasing complexity and systems integration. In parallel, this has been coupled with increasing end-user expectations of IT service quality. Subsequently there has also been a tendency for increasing efforts and costs to ensure associated IT quality. However, I am passionate about reducing these efforts and costs. To do so, I leverage efficient and robust mechanisms to optimally deliver high quality IT solutions & platforms to meet and exceed end-use.

I am passionate about assisting customers to repeatedly and efficiently implement high quality business services across varying delivery methodologies and complex IT environments. This passion drives me to continually learn and add certifications in product delivery, IT quality assurance processes, proprietary and open-source automated testing & observability tools and products. The goal of my continuous learning, and what puts a ‘spring in my step’, is to deliver the best outcomes for system users and stakeholders.

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The Key is to set realistic client expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them - preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.

Sir Richard Branson

Founder of the Virgin Group

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