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SAP Mobility Performance Testing (Cloud)

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SAP Mobility Performance Testing (Cloud)

CLIENT: Transport for NSW (TfNSW)
PROJECT: Equip Mobility Modernisation

The Project Background

The Equip Mobility Modernization Project was to migrate the existing Equip Mobility applications from their on-premise SAP Mobility Platform (SMP) to the their new SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). All the existing code set and security rules needed to be migrated and re- adjusted to suit the new SAP Cloud Platform MobilityServices (SCPms) operating environment..

It was also necessity from the project to certify the performance metrics of the two Equip Mobility applications in the newSAP Cloud Platform against the existing on-premise SAP Mobility Server environment.

The key focus of Mobility testing was to ensure the iPad and iPhone applications were capable of handling enough concurrent users without impacting the performance of the overall system.

Key Challenges

  • Performance testing in cloud platform
  • Additional layers in the cloud environment brings security and complexity challenges
  • Security challenges/limitation to conduct the full load performance testing, as it is a multi tenant infrastructure
  • Scripting against the mobile devices
  • Developing testing scripts incorporating the certificate for user authentication

Our Approach

Tritusa developed a comprehensive Performance Test Plan that covered the testing process, entry and exit criteria, test types in scope, business processes in scope, targeted transaction and user profiles which was discussed and signed off by the client.

Tritusa's performance test consultants worked collaboratively with the Transport business stakeholders to prioritise and finalise the testing scope based on business process criticality, high transactional or user volumes and hot spot performance. Then, we installed and configured the MicroFocus LoadRunner, installed licensing and completed the test tool shakedown. We used the Network Virtualization component of LoadRunner to validate the performance under 3G, 4G and WIFI network conditions.

What We Achieved

  • All agreed test scenarios were executed across Peak and Soak test cycles (two cycles each).
  • Entire solution tested with around 700 concurrent users.
  • No. of performance related issues identified and reported back to development team.

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