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HP ALM – LDAP Integration by Tritsua Consulting

HP ALM – LDAP Integration


HP ALM – LDAP Integration

LDAP authentication facilitates single sign on by synchronizing HP ALM user passwords with user passwords set in Active Directory (AD).

When using LDAP authentication, users are authenticated against LDAP using the distinguished names (DN) that are stored in the Domain Authentication property in the HP ALM database.

HP ALM – LDAP Integration by Tritsua Consulting
Integration Options?
Option 1:

Implementing HP ALM – LDAP integration at the early stage:

Refer HP ALM admin guide

Option 2:

Implementing HP ALM – LDAP integration for an HP ALM project is running for a while:

It’s still possible but not straight forward as implementing at early stage, as users had been already created manually in HP ALM rather than imported from Active Directory (AD) – specially, if customer want to retain the same HP ALM user name.

Step 1: Configure LDAP settings in HPALM

Configure necessary LDAP settings in HP ALM and validate the connection between HP ALM & LDAP

Step 2: Import Users from LDAP Server

This brings across the Domain Authentication value for the user, which is the full path through the LDAP structure to get to their specific user account. That value is recorded in HP ALM. Then, when the user logs on HP ALM

  • looks for the user name in its database
  • retrieves the Domain Authentication information for that user
  • accesses LDAP to look for that Domain Authentication value
  • compares the password entered by the user to the password stored in LDA
Step 3: Update ‘Domain Authentication’ for the existing HPQC Users

Update Domain Authentication details through OTA API script

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