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Rakesh Thummala

National Account Manager

Rakesh Thummala,Team Lead & Senior Business Analyst, Tritusa Consulting

Rakesh Thummala

Senior Business Analyst & Practice Lead

About Rakesh

Business & Digital Transformation
Operations & Marketing

Rakesh Thummala is our team lead and Senior business analyst based in our Sydney office. He is an expert in Tritusa’s operations & recruitment. He has more than 8 years of technology and consulting experience and has worked across India and Australia.

He holds expertise in topics related to Business & Digital Transformation, marketing, and Recruitment. Rakesh has particularly deep expertise in business strategy, AI, technology, and recruitment. Throughout his tenure at Tritusa, Rakesh has played an instrumental role in shaping and sharing Tritusa’s story of innovation and strong values.

Rakesh works with internal and external stakeholders to maintain and develop our relationships. He helps us make sure that the work we do for clients is always up to our high standards. Rakesh is heavily involved in recruiting highly qualified candidates for various open positions at Tritusa Consulting and Tritusa Recruitment clients. He is responsible for maintaining our cloud databases, digital assets, and social media platforms.

Rakesh has led engagements addressing full potential strategy, Recruitment, Tritusa brand management, Operations and Marketing. As head of the operations & recruitment group, Rakesh leads a talented and creative team focused on Tritusa’s advertising, internet presence and end-to-end recruitment.

Prior to joining Tritusa in 2021, Rakesh was a technical project consultant for a technology & consulting firm. Rakesh has worked with top management of large national and multinational groups in several industries in India and Australia.

Rakesh holds a master’s degree in technology management from Central Queensland University Australia and a bachelor's degree in engineering. He also earned a Post Graduate Certification in Data & Business Analytics. Rakesh is a certified professional with a Global Six Sigma Yellow Belt and certification in Digital Marketing and Business Continuity Management.

In his personal time, Rakesh enjoys both diving and swimming in the warmer moths, and when not in the water, enjoys nothing better than a good book!

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Our goal is to provide the best services in SAP, Automation & performance testing in the industry, not to be the biggest – the only way to do it is to love what you do.

Rakesh Thummala

Tritusa Team Lead & Senior Business Analyst

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